Love for wood


The company has been specialising in the processing of chestnut of different types and cross-sections for more than 50 years.

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Campi Legnami sells semi-finished fir products, which stand out for their versatility in both the building and furnishing industry.

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Campi Legnami is an authorised Alce dealer and provides a wide range of gazebos, shelters, pergolas, and garden furniture.

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Campi Legnami S.r.l.

Campi Legnami processes and markets timber for the joinery and building sectors.

Our projects: chestnut planks and drying; chestnut, oak, fir, and laminated beams; chestnut posts for fences; fir, chestnut, and oak matchboards for attics; fir, chestnut, and poplar single-layer panels. Laminated blockboards of various woods.

Our services and processes: trusses; planing, hewing, and impregnation; panel cross-cutting. We provide a cut to size service and arrange shipment to ensure timely delivery.